Ers Parques Infantiles


Complete management for child playgrounds


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Ers Playgrounds is a specific solution for child playgrounds/parks and party centers that includes everything you need for a complete and integral management of these types of businesses and their needs.

The program is divided into different modules dedicated to different areas that must be taken into account, such as billing, clients, park/center employees, supply purchases for the center, etc.

Furthermore, on Ers Plyagrounds we will have an events calendar and different predefined formats for the printing of documents, invoices, postcards, and much more.

Finally, it should be noted that Ers Playgrounds differentiates between school classes/grades, makes birthday reservations, plans organized parties hour by hour, and does pretty much anything that could be needed.

When you start the application a username and password will be requested. If you press accept without introducing any information, you will access the program's trial version.


You may use this trial version for a maximum of 30 days.

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